10  Rare Baby Names You'll Completely Fall In Love With

Not everyone prefers traditional baby names. You may not want your child to share a name with many classmates when they start school,

 or you may simply be a free spirit. You do not want to name your child just any name

for any reason. Check out this list if you are trying to steer clear of more widely used names. These are some beautiful,

 uncommon baby names that you will adore. This name, which is pronounced "NO-e," 

 is a variation of the more well-known Noah. With the name Noe, you can give your child a great name that means "rest" or "comfort" As expected,

 without having to worry about them having the same name as everyone else. As expected,

This lovely name's origins are a little hazy, but one delightful theory is that it derives from the Greek word "meli,

" which means "honey." The name peaked in 2009,As expected,

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