2023 NFL odds: DPOY favorite Micah Parsons takes aim at Cowboys' critic

Micah Parsons, the favorite for the 2023 NFL Defensive Player of the Year (DPOY) award, is voicing his frustration with the criticism of the Dallas Cowboys.  

Despite the Cowboys' solid 4-2 start, Parsons believes that the media unfairly criticizes his team while making excuses for others. 

During an episode of his podcast, "The Edge with Micah Parsons," he expressed his desire for consistent coverage, stating, "We want the same energy for everybody."  

Parsons pointed out the media's response to the Eagles' recent loss to the Jets, contrasting it with the critique the Cowboys faced after their losses to Arizona and San Francisco. 

Parsons emphasized that the Eagles were relatively healthy and had key players, such as Jalen Hurts and their receiving corps,  

while Dallas was scrutinized even though their quarterback, Dak Prescott, performed better than the Eagles on Sunday night. 

Despite the potential over-the-top criticism aimed at the Cowboys, Parsons himself has faced limited negativity.  

At DraftKings, he currently leads the odds for the DPOY award with +150, closely followed by T.J. Watt of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Myles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns. 

In an unexpected turn, Parsons is also the first defensive player listed in the MVP odds at +10000, while Prescott's MVP odds stand at +3500. 

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