23 Years After Hugh Jackman First Done The Claws, Wolverine Still Hasn't Used These 7 Superpowers

Hugh Jackman's 23-year run as Wolverine is still ongoing, but there are a slew of superpowers that Wolverine has yet to wield on-screen. 

Wolverine's heightened taste buds have yet to be explored in film, but they may be valuable in detecting poison or other toxins. 

Wolverine's increased sense of touch has not been depicted on-screen, but it may be employed in sequences involving investigative work. 

Wolverine's capacity to survive for extended periods of time has allowed him to develop a variety of skills 

which may be exhibited in future appearances, such as Deadpool 3. 

Hugh Jackman is the longest-serving actor to portray Batman after 23 years. 

Despite the fact that Logan appears to be a farewell to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, Deadpool drags him into the MCU. 

The majority of the buzz around Wolverine's inclusion in Deadpool 3 revolves around his comic-accurate clothing featured in the bombshell teaser image.  

However, Wolverine's appearance in the film allows him to wield some of his lesser-known powers from the comics. 

Beyond what could happen in Deadpool 3, there is the version of Wolverine that will undoubtedly emerge in the MCU's much-anticipated post-Multiverse Saga of the X-Men.  

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