24 Checkered Nail Designs That Aren't Just Black and White

Checkerboard prints have proven to be an everlasting feel, from the nostalgic boards of age-old games like chess and checkers to the distinctive color-alternating pattern so associated with expensive leather purses à la Louis Vuitton 

Checkered nail art patterns rule as an easy go-to among other patterned manicure styles 

such as warm plaid designs or even on-trend croc print tips. 

Gwen Stefani has been a fan of the checkerboard design since her days as No Doubt's lead vocalist 

and she used it for the unusual packaging of her own company GXVE's eye-opening mascara.  

Furthermore, the singer recently appeared on The Voice in an all-checked-everything outfit 

finishing the cute mod style with some matching checkered French tips. 

Another celebrity who has used the rising design for her manicure? 

Dua Lipa, a pop sensation, opted for edgy metallic nail art with a multicolored finish. 

Checkered nail art has a unique way of complimenting just about any personal aesthetic, whether you are a true minimalist looking for simple ideas or greatly like a "more is more" manicure that makes a dramatic statement. 

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