3 absurd Dolphins stats to prove how dominant Mike McDaniel's Miami offense has been

The Miami Dolphins have undoubtedly been the most interesting team to watch during the first six weeks of

the 2023 NFL season, starting 5-1 for the first time in more than two decades.

Sure, the Dolphins' defense might use some improvement, but when you score as many points as Miami has, you get a little leeway.

When Mike McDaniel was hired as the Dolphins' first head coach a year ago, it seemed like everyone understood the offense had

the potential to be something remarkable. But I don't think anyone expected this kind of productivity. 

The word "absurd" is overused in sports, but what the Dolphins are doing this season is exactly that.

Miami is easily leading the conference with 498.7 yards per game through six games. 

The Philadelphia Eagles come in second on the list, averaging 395.0 yards less per game.

The beauty of McDaniel's offense is that it is well-rounded, as the Dolphins lead in both passing yards per game (316.8) and rushing yards per game (181.8).

As you might expect, Miami leads the league in scoring (37.2 points per game). The San Francisco 49ers are ranked second with 30.7 points.

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