99 Proof Cocktails: 23 Cocktails for Every Occasion

Allow a bottle, or two, of 99 liqueur to shine while you're exploring available schnapps flavors at the liquor shop or those readily available in your own cabinet. 

Prosecco is a simple ingredient to deal with, and with just a few berry flavors, you can create a sparkling drink to enjoy at any time of day.

Berry Prosecco Fizz

A splash of rum, a little cola, and tropical coconut taste make for an excellent poolside beverage.

Spiced Coconut Highball

A coconut cream pie martini will satisfy your impatient sweet hunger. 

Coconut Cream Pie

Beware this boozy margarita that'll punch harder than the classic margarita

Very Cherry Margarita

Make a delightful dessert-style cocktail with strawberry tastes.

Cream and strawberries

You'll be creating this drink for the rest of the night once your buddies try it.

Fruit Punch

If you don't trust your coworkers, housemates, or even relatives with your candy stash and you know you'll desire a candy bar, this delectable cocktail will always be there for you.

Caramel Butterfinger

Classic cocktails like the creamy White Russian are just begging for a fun spin or two-- thankfully, you can achieve this with a splash of 99 Chocolate. 

Chocolate White Russian

Layer a few fruit flavors together in a simple highball. 

Grape Highball

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