A flawless, spectacular must-see, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is reviewed here! An Unparalleled Concert Film for an Unparalleled Pop Star

The biggest tour of the year is currently playing on television. Have you ever had any doubts that it would be that fantastic? 

What's the story of Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour?

It follows the biggest pop diva as she performs on the last leg of her domestic tour before heading overseas. 

This nearly three-hour film takes viewers on a voyage of a lifetime. It was filmed at SoFi Stadium west of Los Angeles.

This concert clip is a bit of a lifesaver for Swifties who weren't able to score any genuine tour tickets this year.

 because it's incredibly enjoyable. To be able to watch a concert film that was brilliantly made, skillfully directed, and nearly flawlessly edited so soon after the U.S. leg

When she released this song, Taylor Swift was well-aware of what she was doing. All of your favourite Swift tunes are available here. 

'Lover', 'Shake It Off, 'Cruel Summer,' 'Anti-Hero,' etc. It's simple to overlook all the well-known tunes Swift has written over the past 20 years or so. 

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