Aaron Rodgers is said to have turned down a hefty move to an AFC team.

Aaron Rodgers successfully orchestrated a trade to the New York Jets during the offseason, expressing his clear preference for joining the team.

Reports indicate that the New England Patriots were also involved in the Aaron Rodgers sweepstakes, making an offer to acquire the MVP quarterback.

However, Rodgers and his agent vetoed the Patriots' offer, stating their strong desire to avoid playing for New England.

Rodgers had set his sights on joining the Jets, and throughout the standoff between the two teams, it became evident that no other team would have the opportunity to acquire him.

The situation highlighted Rodgers' unwavering determination to be a part of the Jets and his willingness to make it happen. 

Radio host Craig Carton disclosed the Patriots' failed attempt to secure Rodgers in a recent episode of his show.

The Patriots' offer was turned down promptly after Rodgers and his agent expressed their disinterest in playing for New England.

As the negotiations progressed, analysts speculated whether another team would intervene and potentially acquire Rodgers, but it became clear that the Jets were his ultimate destination.

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