Actress Against Vax Attacks Disney

Gina Carano, a Hollywood actress from "Star Wars," has demonstrated her capacity to stand up for herself

especially when it comes to her opposition to COVID-19 vaccination laws.

Carano got into a contentious internet debate after a Star Wars enthusiast podcast republished her remarks regarding a "South Park" special 

Kennedy and Disney came under fire from her for their attempts to stifle dissent and for their leadership. 

Carano also disclosed that Disney requested that she unfollow certain accounts that made disparaging remarks about Kennedy.

Curious as to whether your employers compensate you or if you just stick your head straight up their ass without being paid?

It's a free guess from me. Perhaps you should get outside for some fresh air," she continued.

Your overlords asked me to unfollow some accounts because they'said bad thing about Kathleen Kennedy

just for some added context, not just for you but for the people reading," Carano stated. "For me, that raised a serious red flag.

A true good leader knows how to accept and communicate, not control and stifle and insist that your directors and actors unfollow and shame more than half of them.

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