Ann Elliott Whidden, an admirer of Deion Sanders' vigor and encouragement

Although Ann Elliott Whidden, the only coach in Buffaloes history, doesn't plan on wearing a gold-plated whistle necklace anytime soon, she does appreciate the work of the one person on campus who can pull it off right now.

Deion "Coach Prime" Sanders has completely transformed the 1-11 program into a team that will, at the very least, be competitive in most games. 

He has taken college football and the Colorado campus by storm. According to Sports Business Journal, Colorado set a record for spring game attendance and witnessed sell-out crowds at home, indicating that there is also interest.

Overall, Elliott Whidden claimed, it creates a lively atmosphere on campus.

She remarked, "Coach Prime exudes such energy in general." "He offers the public so much just by being himself. It's just that our athletic director has always had this fresh sense of conviction. 

He has consistently held Colorado to that standard and believed in it.

The women's lacrosse program will benefit indirectly from Sanders' presence at Colorado, and that benefit is quite significant just in terms of exposure.

Though it's not like the department is benefiting from that just a few games into his tenure, there is undoubtedly room for athletics to bring in more revenue.

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