Another Queen has outwitted you. Olivia Dunne Experiences a "Rare" Moment of Peace

Olivia Dunne, the NCAA athlete, has progressively risen to the level of fame she now enjoys. 

Livvy is the highest-earning female athlete in the NCAA Division, thanks to a vast number of NIL deals

Following in the footsteps of her suited titles, the gymnastics icon never misses an opportunity to share her daily life with followers online.

Olivia has had a strong presence both on and off the field, with over 10 million followers on social media channels. 

However, since the gymnast has had a new member occupying her feed, the 21-year-old seems to have been dethroned

Livvy recently took to TikTok to introduce her new pet through a now-viral video. 

The 15-second video showcased Olivia with her few months old puppy

Roux has constantly made an adorable presence ever since she arrived at Olivia’s. 

Today’s update was no different except that the pup was finally calm.

“Rare moment of Roux being calm,” Olivia wrote with an adorable picture.

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