As a result of their protracted conflict, Tom Cruise reportedly still feels used by David and Victoria Beckham.

According to old Hollywood rumors, David and Victoria Beckham relocated to Los Angeles in 2007 and became friends with Tom Cruise, who was then married to Katie Holmes. 

Any sighting of the foursome generated significant news coverage, which caused the power squad to revolutionize the entertainment sector.

Due to a disagreement that has apparently been simmering for almost ten years, Holmes and Cruise were divorced in 2012 and have since lost contact with one another. 

According to reports, Cruise is "still angry" with the Beckhams because he feels like they exploited his generosity by relocating to California. 

When they first arrived in Los Angeles, Tom took care of everything.

He essentially handed them the city's keys, according to a source who spoke to The National Enquirer via RadarOnline. 

When they became established, they dumped him. He threw them a party to meet everyone important.

According to a second insider, Beckhams "tested the waters" to try and heal fences "a while ago," but the Mission Impossible actor "ignored them" since he "has no intention of being friends again."

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