Athletics-American After world championships heptathlon Day 1, Anna Hall leads. 

Written by the Lori Ewings. 

(Reuters) - BUDAPEST After the first day of competition in the heptathlon at the World Athletics Championships on Saturday,  

the United States' Anna Hall was in the lead, followed by Great Britain's Katarina Johnson-Thompson,  

who is currently in second place as she attempts to regain her form following an Achilles tendon rupture.Hall, who is only 22, concluded 

the day with 3,998 points, with Johnson-Thompson, the 2019 world champion, scoring 3,905 and American Chari Hawkins, who finished third, scoring 3,900, in second and third places, respectively. 

Hall added, "I'm just trying my best and fighting as hard as I can for whatever I can get." 

"I am pleased with the results of my labor."Sunday I plan to continue competing aggressively for a top spot in the championships. 

I've had a rough couple of weeks—some personal issues and a little training accident—but I came in here ready to fight,  

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