Backstage with music superstar Pink

This week, 60 Minutes had the opportunity to meet Pink, the powerful voice behind hit songs like "So What" and "Get the Party Started." 

The internationally acclaimed pop superstar achieved record-breaking attendance on her extensive world tour this year.

Cecilia Vega, a correspondent for 60 Minutes, attended Pink's homecoming show in her native Philadelphia and marveled at the spectacle. 

Describing a Pink performance as more than just a "concert," Vega explained that it's a combination of Broadway, rock, 

Cirque du Soleil, acrobatics, and incredible singing, creating a truly remarkable experience.

During one high-octane segment of the show, Pink takes to the air, suspended above the stage, 

twirling and weaving herself in silk ropes while singing. What 

makes this feat even more astounding is that there are no safety nets in place.

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