Beacon 23 Trailer: Lena Headey Trusts No One in MGM+ Paranoid Space Thriller

MGM+ has dropped the official trailer for "Beacon 23," an eight-episode sci-fi thriller featuring Lena Headey from "Game of Thrones" and Stephan James from "Homecoming. 

" In the trailer, Headey portrays government agent Aster, who crash-lands at a space station run by James' character Halan.  

Their interaction begins on a cordial note, but tension escalates when Aster requests to access the station's data and Halan bluntly refuses.  

A heated exchange ensues, revealing a lack of trust between them. However, when they face a hostile invasion, they are forced to collaborate to defend themselves and uncover the mystery of Aster's presence.  

The trailer suggests that Aster is concealing her true motives, prompting suspicion from Halan. 

"Beacon 23" is based on the bestselling novel by Hugh Howey and created by Zak Penn, with Glen Mazzara as an executive producer.  

The series is set to premiere on Sunday, November 12, at 9/8c on MGM+. 

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