Yordan Alvarez, the "best hitter in the world," is dominating October as the Astros get closer to another World Series.

In a sport where you can't simply go one-on-one, where a pitcher may simply choose not to throw the ball in a location you can hit it,

one player cannot determine the outcome of a game, the fate of a team.

Yet, night after night, series after series, and now year after year, Yordan Alvarez is the body around whom the Houston Astros revolve,

Dragging them out of a hole and impacting outcomes even when he's two, three, or four positions down the lineup.  

After a 10-3 thumping of the Texas Rangers in Game 4 of the American League Championship Series,

they are now two games away from a third consecutive World Series participation and six victories away from defending their title.

There were numerous heroes, including Jose Altuve, who was honored for appearing in his 100th postseason game and hitting three home runs.

Alex Bregman started the party with a two-run triple in the first inning, sparking a team-wide strafing of the Rangers' pitching staff.

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