Beyoncé Changed Her Hair Color to 'Chantilly Blonde' for Fall—Here's How to Get the Look 

You'd think Beyoncé would be exhausted after five months of the Renaissance tour.

Especially since each set lasted around three hours and involved playing in the pouring rain on certain nights. 

But the superstar found the time and energy to support Taylor Swift while also debuting a new hair color.

Beyoncé wore a fresh shade of blonde to the Los Angeles premiere of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.

The trend, dubbed "Chantilly blonde" by Beyoncé's hair colorist, Rita Hazan, arose from Hazan's intention to give Beyoncé's hair more depth and contrast for the upcoming chilly months. 

"I wanted to go with something a little warmer for the fall," Hazan tells Glamour. "New season, new color."

What distinguishes Chantilly blonde from other versions of the color? "It's a creamy blonde with a little warmth to it: Think buttercream-ish." 

Hazan goes on to say that she believes this color will be popular in the coming months—and not just because Beyoncé wears it so well.

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