Beyoncé wore statement shades throughout the Renaissance World Tour and played a part in making them cool again

Beyoncé, as an iconic figure, has had a profound influence not only in music but also in fashion,  

making statement sunglasses cool and popular once again. According to Elisabeth Kassab, founder of STYLISTCHECK, Beyoncé played a significant role in this fashion shift. 

While minimal black sunglasses had dominated the fashion scene in the past, Beyoncé's bold 

eye-catching eyewear choices during her Renaissance World Tour breathed new life into statement sunglasses 

The tour featured not only musical performances but also captivating fashion elements that told a unique story. 

Beyoncé's tour wardrobe included a range of striking outfits, from a sequined green cape to metallic bodysuits, all designed to shine under the stage lights. 

To complement these distinctive ensembles, she chose eyewear that made a statement. 

Her selection of eyewear included bedazzled cat-eye sunglasses from Tiffany & Co., sleek black Balenciaga shades, and even oversized, campy eye shields to accompany her Mugler bee suit. 

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