Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift unveiled their distinctive handshake at a Chiefs game.

Officially, Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes share a secret handshake. Swift, 33, accompanied Brittany, 28, in the Mahomes suite at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday to cheer on Swift's new flame,

Travis Kelce, as the Chiefs defeated the Los Angeles Chargers, while Brittany supported her husband, quarterback Patrick Mahomes, of the Kansas City Chiefs. 

When Patrick and Kelce connected for a score in the second quarter, both players were at the top of their games. Brittany and Swift celebrated by introducing a celebratory handshake, which the NFL revealed in a video uploaded on X. 

Five times the two slapped the fronts and backs of their hands together, then they grabbed each other's hands and rubbed hips. Another variation had them topping 

In another video uploaded on X, the new friends could be seen practicing their handshake earlier in the game in the suite.  

See Taylor Swift's Outfit as She Supports Travis Kelce at the Chiefs vs. Chargers Game with a #87 Friendship Bracelet. 

The two were also spotted dancing while Brittany supported Patrick "Bronze" Lavon Mahomes III, their 11-month-old kid, on her hip. (Their 2-year-old daughter Sterling Skye was also shown in photos at the game with her mother.) 

Since Swift started going to Chiefs games on September 24 in support of Kelce, the two have been hanging out. She sat in the Mahomes suite for the first time at the Chargers game. She had previously been observed in Ed and Donna Kelce's suite, but switched for this week's contest. 

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