Brittany Mahomes is said to "use" Taylor Swift in order to gain attention.

Taylor Swift's latest appearance at Kansas City Chiefs games is allegedly being leveraged by Brittany Mahomes to draw attention to herself. 

Perhaps it was inevitable that Mahomes would be accused of this after Swift and her were spotted supporting their partners from the stands during a recent Chiefs game. 

Since Swift is the new companion of tight end Travis Kelce and Brittany is the wife of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the two are currently the centre of attention. 

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is the highest-paid NFL player after signing for $275 million.

Swift and Brittany will undoubtedly be spotted together because they are watching sports from the same section of the stadium, 

Taylor and Brittany steal the show. 

but Skip Bayless and Michael Irvin don't agree on what exactly is going on. 

The two hosts of The Undisputed disagreed over the enjoyable moments saw in the crowd during the Chiefs' 31-17 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers. 

"I don't even know how Travis got it in the endzone," said Bayless. The idea was that Taylor Swift and Mahomes' wife had prepared and evidently practised a touchdown celebration as the play flashed up to the box. 

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