Caleb Williams has been advised to sit out the rest of the USC season in preparation for the NFL Draft.

Caleb Williams, the standout quarterback at USC, appears to be set to be the first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

However, after losing two of its last three games, including a painful loss to Utah, USC's chances of participating in the National Championship are slim

As a result, former NFL player Emmanuel Acho believes it is in Williams' best interests to forego the balance of the season 

 in order to avoid significant injuries and focus only on the forthcoming draft.

"With the Trojans' National Championship hopes gone, Caleb Williams should consider sitting out the rest of the season,"

Acho wrote on X following the Trojans' 34-32 setback.

"The Heisman Trophy is a long shot, and the CFB Playoffs are even more so."

"The risk of participating in FAR outweighs the reward."

 "It's a business decision." Despite the mostly unfavorable response to Acho's article

the Fox Sports 1 anchor doubled down, claiming it would be "fiscally irresponsible" for Williams to continue playing when it appears all is lost.

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