Can I Drink Alcohol And Still Lose Weight?

You can drink alcohol and lose weight if you're savvy. 

The Relationship Between Alcohol and Weight Loss 

Generally, beverages with greater alcohol by volume (ABV) have more calories. Keith Wallace, Wine School of Philadelphia founder, told Shape.  

Calories in Alcohol and Alcohol Content 

For most people, the calories in their favorite cocktail mixers are a bigger weight loss obstacle than the alcohol itself. Some daiquiri or margarita mixes contain 35g of sugar—7 teaspoons—in 4 oz! 

Added Calories in Mixers 

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Some popular queries: Does vodka increase weight? What about beer? Do wines make you fat? But the "alcohol-makes-you-fat" fears must go.  

How Your Body Handles Alcohol 

Because it's mythical. The truth: Mixers' alcohol and sweets impede weight reduction and may induce weight gain. 

Alcohol has benefits, despite its negative connotations. Studies reveal that people who drink a couple of drinks per week live longer. 

How to Drink Alcohol While Trying to Lose Weight 

Women should have one drink per day to raise their HDL cholesterol. 

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