Catalyst for Chaos: Loki's mischievous nature and unpredictability can be harnessed by Kang to sow chaos and create scenarios that ultimately benefit his grand plans. 

Kang's Earth-Centric Recruitment: Kang may have intentionally recruited Earthlings into the TVA because most of his variants originate from Earth, as seen in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania's post-credit scene. 

Loyalty to the Timekeepers: Earth-based TVA recruits might be more likely to believe in the Timekeepers' power and control, unlike powerful figures like Avengers who might rebel against them. 

Nexus Beings from Earth: Loki, as a Nexus Being from Asgard, is a rarity in the TVA and may have been selected for his unique abilities and potential to disrupt the timeline. 

Loki's Arrest and Role: Loki wasn't recruited by Kang but arrested by the TVA after going rogue in Avengers: Endgame. He later played a crucial role in unraveling the TVA's mysteries and is now trying to save it in Loki Season 2. 

TVA's Earth-Centric Focus: The TVA is depicted as Earth-centric, with most characters originating from Earth, raising questions about Kang's recruitment strategy. 

Variety of TVA Sections: The TVA is vast, and there could be other sections or departments dealing with intergalactic beings like Kree, Titans, and Vampires, as mentioned by Mobius in Loki Season 1. 

Kang's Origins: Kang's origin on Earth might influence his preference for Earth-based TVA recruits. 

Avoiding Rebellion: Kang may have chosen Earth recruits to prevent powerful figures like the Avengers from rebelling against the Timekeepers. 

Unexplored TVA Worlds: There is much of the TVA left to explore in the series, potentially revealing other worlds and species within the organization. 

Recruitment Strategy: Kang's choice of TVA recruits remains a topic of intrigue, with the series offering opportunities for further exploration of this Earth-centric focus. 

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