Characters Who Made Their N64 Debuts

The Nintendo 64 was a game changer in the world of consoles from its inception in 1996 until its retirement in 2002.  

With a slew of cutting-edge games to its name, the system set the stage for additional gaming innovations in subsequent generations. 

Unsurprisingly, a huge number of memorable characters appeared during the Nintendo 64's reign of gaming supremacy. 

The famous console featured a plethora of big-time fan-favorite successes 

ranging from legacy characters who received a generational update to brand-new smash smashes and cult favorites.  

Among those beloved characters, a few debuting figures stood out for grabbing gamers' imaginations and for their overall uniqueness.  

Many of the Nintendo 64's most memorable original characters have distinct personalities and detailed backstories that contributed to the immersion of their particular games while also assuring long-term appeal. 

The titular hero from Argonaut Software's odd 1998 action game heroically carries the frequently ludicrous plot and gameplay here.  

Buck Bumble, a mutated bee with cybernetic parts, fights the good fight against The Herd, a swarm of nasty, similarly modified insects. 

A massive chemical accident at a London facility causes massive mutations throughout the UK's bug population in the futuristic fiction. 

Luke Grimes claims that Lainey Wilson assisted him in overcoming his fear of recording an album.

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