Chiefs coach makes shocking Patrick Mahomes announcement

Patrick Mahomes is already capable of doing it all.

If Tommy Townsend is unable to play, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Andy Reid will have much more on his plate.

Chiefs special teams coach Dave Toub was questioned about the team's contingency plan for Townsend, who suffered a knee injury in the days

preceding up to Kansas City's Week 6 win over the Denver Broncos. 

Townsend was eventually cleared to participate, but Toub disclosed that the team's backup punter is also the team's starting quarterback.

Who is the backup punter? "We did have a plan," Toub told reporters. "We had a plan, and 15's is our backup punter, believe it or not." 

He is capable. He constantly demonstrates to me... that guy can do it all. He's incredible."

Obviously, the Chiefs would prefer not to deploy Mahomes as their punter – and not just because Townsend is likely better at the position. 

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