Chris Pine's Dark Neo-Western Play Should Have Won an Oscar

In this grim Taylor Sheridan movie, Chris Pine displayed all of his best traits. 

Over the course of his career, we've seen the adaptable and endearing Chris Pine take on a plethora of roles that have tested him both physically and emotionally.  

In the Star Trek film series, he played the dapper space explorer Captain James T. Kirk; in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, he played a sophisticated CIA special ops agent. 

In Don't Worry, Darling, he played the charming and rakish conman Frank; and most recently, he played the down-on-his-luck rogue in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieve.

Each of these characters has been handled with precisely the perfect amount of dexterity, nuance, and effusive energy by him.  

But his portrayal of Toby Hooper in the Taylor Sheridan-penned neo-Western Hell or High Water is without a question the one that is the most nuanced and nuanced. 

Despite the fact that Pine has never even been nominated for an Academy Award, we believe that his portrayal. 

Of Hooper in that one particular role merited not only a nomination but also a straight-up Best Actor in a Motion Picture Oscar. 

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