Cole Hauser's "Yellowstone" admirers are contacting him nonstop after viewing his latest business update.

Cole Hauser is now promoting a new company, but he recently gave an update that has fans pleading with him for more.

The Yellowstone actor announced the launch of his Free Rein coffee company in mid-October, and fans were overjoyed to sample the beverage he sipped each morning.

Since Cole stated on Instagram that he flew to San Angelo, Texas to build up what seemed to be a Free Rein pop-up store, it appears that he had more than just coffee brewing. 

The actor showed his enthusiasm for fans receiving his goods as people observed him manning the cash register and taking calls in the back of the store.

On October 16, he posted, "Serving coffee and taking orders at our first store in San Angelo, Texas." 

Dreams are useless without action. Get up and start working, @freereincoffeecompany.

Naturally, Cole's fans were shocked at the idea of making a purchase from his business while he was in front of them.

However, some people left important requests for him in the comments for others who couldn't travel to Texas.

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