Colin Kaepernick’s Antics Deemed ‘Not Fair’ To Young Generation By New York Yankees Hero

During his outburst about woke politics in sports, former New York Yankees star pitcher David Wells singled out athlete 

and former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Wells recently appeared on Don't @ Me with Dan Dakich, 

where he discussed everything from the Yankees' struggles to how celebrity players' protests effect the younger generation. 

Wells has been outspoken against so-called woke companies taking political stands. In September, he talked about Bud Light and Nike in front of several former Yankees players. 

Dakich followed up with questions concerning Wells' statements. Nike, according to Wells, is a hypocrite company that touts progressive politics while benefitting from sweatshop labor in China. 

According to Wells, corporations' "woke atmosphere" has given players like Kaepernick a platform to protest against patriotic values: 

"It was a little disrespectful to me when [Colin] Kaepernick took the knee, because I'm a patriot." I believe in our military. I am from a military community near San Diego. 

That is not something you can do. That's OK; their beliefs are valid. Your beliefs are your own. That is not a problem for me 

But don't go on national television and take a knee for what it is. That, in my opinion, does not prove anything. 

It demonstrates that you're a moron and that you're fighting for a good cause. 

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