Colorado coach Deion Sanders looks youthful thanks to De'fron Fobb.

De'fron Fobb, 44, will always be in pain, but each day brings a little bit of relief.

Thirty-six years have passed since his mother's boyfriend shot her to death, and 26 years have passed since his father died after contracting HIV from contaminated needles.

Coach of Fobb's high school basketball team, Dirk Ricks, who has known Fobb for the majority of his life, said, "He's one of my life stories that I tell." "I'm incredibly proud of him," I said.

Many children in his circumstances would have given up, left school, or made an excuse. He took inspiration from everything.

Fobb has been coping with their deaths' grief for a lifetime. He's sorted through thoughts that have caused worry and depression for countless hours in treatment.

But things are fantastic in life these days.

Twenty minutes west of Atlanta, the former correctional officer, hip-hop beat creator, and manager of Foot Locker has made his way in the world as an assistant basketball coach and special education teacher at Pebblebrook (Georgia) High School.

He recently started a store in his hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to sell clothing primarily to historically Black institutions and universities. He has been married for seven months.

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