Colorado Under Fire For Not Shaking Stanford's Hands After Historic Loss

Colorado led Stanford 29-0 at halftime on Friday night, thanks to Deion Sanders.

They emerged from the locker room looking like a squad whose talents had been stolen by the "monstars" from Space Jam,

with Stanford appearing significantly superior after the break. The Buffs' offensive went from 330 yards on almost 9 yards 

per play in the first half to 169 yards on 6.6 yards per play in the second half. The Buffaloes went from allowing 115 yards 

in the first half to 366 yards in the second half, allowing Stanford to score 26 consecutive points.

The Cardinal eventually won in double overtime, 46-43, in a game that was the most-watched Friday night game on ESPN since 2018, and the largest comeback in program history.

Sanders is likely to be disappointed with his team for the way they performed during the game, but he also has a handful of other reasons now that the game is over. For starters

 his son and quarterback had an Instagram story posted at halftime from his account advertising his merchandise

his team was penalized profusely throughout the game and demonstrated a lack of discipline, and according to a video

 that has since surfaced, they did not shake hands with Stanford players after the game, demonstrating a lack of sportsmanship.

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