Colorado's Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter part of NBA on TNT's Opening Night coverage

There is now evidence of the "Prime Effect" in the NBA. On Tuesday night at Ball Arena,

Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter had the opportunity to perform a special role.

Star players from the Colorado Buffaloes were added to TNT's opening night coverage of the NBA.

 Prior to the Denver Nuggets hoisting their first championship banner into the rafters, the pair grabbed microphones and conducted a pregame report. Deion Sanders, 

the coach of the Buffaloes, was also present for the 2023 NBA opening tip. Later,

Prime made his first appearance at a Nuggets game by joining his teammates in the stands

For Bleacher Report, a Turner Sports property, Hunter hosts "12 Talks." He attending the game alongside his quarterback makes perfect sense.

 Sanders has not signed any media NILs, but after his on-air debut, I am sure something will be in the works. 

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