Cowboys' Brian Schottenheimer: Will Grier 'knows where a lot of the bones are buried'

Dallas is planning to change its signals after Bill Belichick signed the former Cowboys backup QB off Cincy's practice squad. 

Bill Belichick has spent 23 years coaching the New England Patriots and is known for doing whatever it takes to win. 

His newest move is signing former Dallas Cowboys backup quarterback Will Grier from the Cincinnati Bengals practice squad 10 days before facing the team he spent the last two seasons with. 

"We're always aware of it, those are things we monitor each week, and Will knows where a lot of the bones are buried, 

Brian Schottenheimer said Monday.  

Sometimes it works in your favor because they think they know what's coming and we're smart enough to adjust.  

You bring in a player who has gone somewhere to discuss things.  

I'm excited to see Will, it will be great to see him  I'm sure [Grier][ is definitely being interrogated and probably spending a lot of late nights with their defensive coaching staff," said Schottenheimer.    

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