Cowboys Push for $140 Million Blockbuster Trade

If successful, the Dallas Cowboys would make their biggest deal of the year. 

After the Las Vegas Raiders' 23-18 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, wide receiver Davante Adams made headlines with his postgame comments. The most memorable line was Adams'. Adams said, “I don’t got time to wait around.

Adams had a great game with 13 receptions for 172 yards and two touchdowns. 

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Media speculated about trade after Adams' words. Peter Bukowski of Locked On Packers suggests the Raiders deal the six-time Pro Bowl receiver to the Cowboys. 

Despite covering the Packers, Bukowski explains why the former Green Bay WR should join Dallas. 

“Don’t kill me,” says Bukowski. “The #Packers won't win Super Bowl this year. Aaron Rodgers has frightened Cowboys for a decade. They're no longer evil empire. Let Tae win a Mike McCarthy ring. It would be awesome.” 

Adams would become Dallas' top weapon immediately. Despite his skill, CeeDee Lamb is not as dominant as Adams. After two 1,500-yard, 11-touchdown seasons, the 30-year-old receiver led the league in receiving touchdowns twice. 

Cowboys are notorious for bringing big names like Adams to Dallas. They traded for former Defensive Player of the Year cornerback Stephon Gilmore, experienced receiver Brandin Cooks, and former No. 3 overall pick quarterback Trey Lance in the past year. 

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