Deadpool 3 Rumor Claims Taylor Swift Is Playing A Wild Role In The Threequel

Will Taylor Swift literally say, "It's me, hi," in Marvel's Deadpool 3? According to a fresh rumor, this is the case.

Let's just say that if it turns out to be true, the pop artist may be playing a crazy part in the Ryan Reynolds-led threequel, and I'd be all over it.

There have been numerous strange casting rumors surrounding Deadpool 3, with Swift playing Dazzler in Shawn Levy's film being one of the most popular. 

However, a recent rumor says that this is not the case, and she may appear in the film as herself. That's true, 

it's been reported that Taylor Swift will play herself in the upcoming Marvel film. This rumor surfaced after the director reacted on the Dazzler allegations, telling The Wrap:

Following these remarks, @MyTimeToShineH revealed on X that Swift is "in the movie, but she's not playing Dazzler."

They then published their own tweet to clarify who they believe she could portray, which sparked the cameo rumor. They stated:

So, if this story is accurate, Swift will not be portraying a superhero, but rather herself, which would be insane. It is, however, brilliant.

With all of the actors confirmed for Deadpool 3's cast, including Hugh Jackman reprising his role as Wolverine and Jennifer Garner reprising 

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