Deion Sanders exhorts his teammates and followers to "believe in the impossible."

A football team's expectations are constantly shifting. A unexpected win or a catastrophic loss can radically change the course of a season.

In recent memory, no college football team has faced as much scrutiny as the 2023 Colorado Buffaloes. 

Television personalities and national columnists have gone to tremendous efforts to trash the head coach and players on this team.

The Buffs have also received a surge of support along the way. Tickets are completely sold out everywhere. 

Merchandise sales are skyrocketing. The number of followers on school and team social media pages has grown tremendously. 

With all of the extra attention, a loss like the one on Friday becomes amplified.

Sure, losing a 29-0 lead is an awful thing. That one is difficult to describe. 

On the same weekend that Houston and West Virginia made back-to-back Hail Mary passes, Idaho State rallied from a 27-point deficit in the dying minutes of the third quarter.

Lionel Messi strikes back with two goals in Argentina's 2-0 win over Peru

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