Deion Sanders from Colorado shares thoughts on sign stealing during the Michigan scandal, highlighting the need to focus on playing the game.

Colorado coach Deion Sanders played down the impact of sign stealing in college football amid the ongoing Michigan investigation. 

Sanders, who has experience in both baseball and football, shared his views on the Michigan sign-stealing scandal during a press conference. 

In Sanders' opinion, sign stealing is a common practice in sports to gain an advantage, but ultimately, the opponent still has to stop the plays. 

Sanders, who has played professional baseball and football, highlighted the physical nature of football and the need to physically stop plays regardless of knowing the signs. 

The Michigan scandal involves an off-field staffer, Connor Stalions, who is alleged to have engaged in a sign-stealing scheme in violation of NCAA rules. 

Sanders mentioned that, in his playing days with the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys, opponents often knew the plays, but stopping them was a different challenge. 

The Michigan Wolverines' 8-0 start and success under coach Jim Harbaugh have intensified the sign-stealing discussion in college football. 

Sanders concluded that, regardless of sign-stealing allegations, the essence of the game is in stopping the plays on the field. 

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