Deion Sanders had a humorous answer to Travis Hunter's claim that he is bankrupt

Coach Deion Sanders asked his team what they did during the bye week when the Colorado Buffaloes returned from their bye week.

There wasn't much excitement until Coach Prime revealed that he had gone to the country and purchased a couple of side by side ATVs.

One of the Buffs players at the rear of the CU conference room inquired about the price. 

 Sanders mentioned "twenty-something," which elicited a "Nevermind" retort from Travis Hunter. 

Prime responded, "You got NIL's, you can get that.

" Hunter stated flatly, "I'm broke." Sanders then stated that he loved the response 

and instructed the Buffs players to make sure they practiced that phrase with their teammates.

Well Off Media caught a fantastic back-and-forth interaction.

Hunter remained in Boulder after his first game back with a lacerated liver. 

Colorado's two-way star performed admirably in the team's loss to Stanford on Friday the 13th. 

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