Deion Sanders of Colorado speaks about sign theft during the Michigan game: "You have to keep playing the game."

During his weekly press conference on Tuesday, Colorado coach Deion Sanders commented on the sign stealing debate in light of the Michigan inquiry. 

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However, Sanders downplayed the impact sign theft can have on a college football game. 

His comments come as No. 2 Michigan is under investigation by the NCAA on claims that the Wolverines broke NCAA rules by using a sign-stealing program run by an off-field employee.

Everyone is attempting to gain any advantage they can, according to Sanders. "You can obtain a person's complete game plan. 

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You could receive it by mail. Despite everything, you still need to put a stop to it.

Sign theft is a widespread occurrence in sports, but it usually becomes a controversy or the subject of an investigation when there is proof that it goes beyond the bounds of the game.

As a former professional football and baseball player, Sanders offers a distinctive viewpoint on the subject. 

It's not as noticeable in football as it is in baseball, according to Sanders. "If I anticipate a curveball, I have you covered.

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