Deion Sanders says, "We're not built for the moment" after Stanford loss

In his post-game press conference, Colorado Buffaloes coach Deion Sanders took the 46-43 double-overtime loss to Stanford personally.

After trailing 29-0 at halftime, the Cardinal rallied to defeat the Buffs with multiple unanswered scoring drives. 

Sanders stated that his staff was unprepared for this and hinted at changes. 

"Right now, we're not built for the moment," Sanders admitted. "Some of our players aren't built for the situation where they have to make a play, keep containment, or make a block."

The Buffs' unruly second half was the catalyst for Stanford's comeback. A few missed coverages resulted in big plays down the field. 

In addition, Colorado had 17 penalties for 127 yards on the night. The way CU's defense addressed each phase of the game was night and day. 

Sanders maintained his cool despite his disappointment with how the game finished. 

This was remarkable, as he had never had such a large lead blown at any level in his Hall-of-Fame career. 

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