Deion Sanders warns players to be responsible, drills down 'No Means No'

Deion Sanders has never been afraid to point out problems before they occur.

 The Colorado Buffaloes coach enjoys staying ahead of the curve, particularly when it comes to his players. 

On Wednesday, he issued a set of expectations for the bye week, including several critical messages.

The first was self-explanatory and served as a general statement for the entire speech. 

Sanders told Well Off Media, "Don't do anything that will cost you opportunities."

It's a basic guideline in life, but it's worth remembering from time to time. This one went into greater detail for Coach Prime, which made sense.

"Never accept anything from someone you don't know because there is a hidden cost." "Nothing is free," Sanders pointed out.

"Don't take anything that isn't given to you," Sanders instructed. "Anything, particularly from a young woman."

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