Denise Austin, 66, claims that the 30-minute exercises have continued for 40 years. If you take a rest, you will rust.

The mother of SI Swimsuit model Katie Austin and a fitness pioneer recently gained notoriety for donning a '90s swimsuit.

Denise Austin, 66, attributes her young appearance to the 40 years she has spent doing out for 30 minutes each day.

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Over 24 million exercise videos and DVDs have been sold by the fitness teacher over her decades-long career of assisting people with at-home weight loss.

She also produced a long-running fitness show on television and wrote 12 books.

Austin told Fox News Digital that throughout the years, being a busy mother of two girls motivated her to develop 30-minute workouts that can be performed at home rather than at the gym. 

After modeling the same pink swimsuit she wore in the most recent viral video, the celebrity.

"That’s right – I have been doing 30-minute workouts for 40 years," she replied. "I really think that you can accomplish everything in 30 minutes.

I therefore exercise for 30 minutes every day of the week to burn fat and strengthen [my heart], which is a muscle.

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