Discover where Colorado football coach Deion Sanders' kids rank in his personal rankings by getting to know them.

Two of "Coach Prime's" five kids have contributed to the Colorado Buffaloes football team's early success.

Deion Sanders, also known as "Coach Prime," is a father and head football coach who has a lot of leadership experience. 

After leading the University of Colorado's Buffaloes to an undefeated NCAA season thus far, the head football coach at the school took the football world by storm this year.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer having his own spot in the trenches with him has been widely credited by the football community as the reason for the team's success.

Sanders' sons Sheuder and Shilo have received recognition for their on-field achievements, just like their father.

The three family members have been the subject of ongoing speculation regarding their NFL prospects this week. 

Seven out of ten senior team decision-makers predicted that Sanders would receive requests for the offseason head-coaching hiring cycle, according to a poll published by The Athletic on September 21.

A few days prior, on September 19, Shilo and Shedeur were seen discussing possibly joining the league the following year on the Well Off Media YouTube page, which is run by Deion Sanders Jr., the eldest son of Sanders.

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