DK Metcalf Admits He Won't Be Changing How He Plays

DK Metcalf, a Seahawks receiver, has a reputation for racking up personal foul penalties during games over the last year and a half.  

He was involved in another incident against the Cincinnati Bengals last weekend, when he shoved an unsuspecting Cam Taylor-Britt in a fit of rage. 

Metcalf addressed the penalties on Wednesday, and he put his foot down, claiming that while the infractions harmed his team, he would not change his playing style. 

"I'm not going to change the way I play," Metcalf stated, largely in response to Seahawks coach Pete Carroll noting his fouls on a board visible to the entire team. 

"Looking at the penalties, there's taunting, unnecessary roughness, facemask, holding, and I believe there was one more in there."  

If I look at it and judge myself knowing how I play and just try to be consistent and have clean hands or whatever the case may be,  

I'm doing very well, but I'm not going to change who I am as a player or a person." 

Carroll stated that the team has told Metcalf that he has to be more disciplined 

"We all have to acknowledge it and recognize whatever our issues are, which happens to be in this case." He's being summoned. "He is aware," Carroll stated. 

"He has to clean it up, and we have to make sure we're aware of what they're calling things." 

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