DUNNE IN THE SUN Gymnast Olivia Dunne flaunts her amazing physique in a beautiful black bikini with cut-outs.

Livvy previously stated that being selected as one of the SI swimsuit models was "a dream come true."

"There are a lot of young girls who look up to me, and I feel like a lot of young girls also read Sports Illustrated," she remarked.

"So, both of our brands align because we both want to inspire the younger generation."

Dunne soared to the top of the list of the highest-paid female student-athletes in the United States after joining LSU's gymnastics team.

The New Jersey native took full advantage of the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA), 

the United States' governing body for student athletics, authorizing name, image, and likeness (NIL) partnerships in 2021.

Dunne was able to become one of the faces of college sports as a result of this shift.

Livvy's meteoric rise has been fueled by her quickly expanding social media presence, with the gymnast possessing over four million Instagram followers and more than seven million on TikTok.

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