Dwayne Johnson stunned Deion Sanders as Colorado keeps winning.  

Deion Sanders, the head coach at the University of Colorado, was brought to tears on Saturday  , 

when Hollywood icon Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson unexpectedly appeared on the set of ESPN's College "GameDay."  

According to the Rock, "Coach Prime is altering the landscape of college football in his own unique manner,  

but he's also doing it in a way that is motivating not only a community in Boulder, Colorado, but also a whole country.  

Sanders responded, "You're going to make me cry, man," and then joked, "All recruits,   

did you hear what he said?Sanders had been praising the Rock earlier and had bowed to the ground to welcome the actor to the ESPN program.  

With a double-overtime victory over the Colorado State Rams, the Colorado Buffaloes , 

extended their winning streak this season to three games.Shedeur Sanders, the quarterback who orchestrated the game-tying,  

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