Estimating the result of the match between No. 8 Oregon and No. 13 Utah

In the ninth week of the college football season, No. 8 Oregon will take on the No. 13 Utah Utes. 

 The Ducks will be in the national spotlight for the second time in three weeks during this game

which is not just any contest but a road trip to Salt Lake City.

This is one of the better rivalries in the Pac-12 and is always a fantastic game. Having said that

I'm sorry to see it go, especially with the Ducks and Utes advancing to the Big Ten and Big Twelve, respectively.

There are many things riding on this match, including a possible postseason berth for both teams in college football, which could be their last meeting in the Pac-12.

Except for a few fourth down blunders in Seattle, Oregon's attack has looked strong all season.

The offensive line has appeared a little wobbly lately; drives have been stalled by a few unfortunate penalties that have appeared out of the blue

forcing the Ducks to settle for three instead of six. If they want to win, it cannot occur this week.

It goes without saying that in a hostile environment, false starts, ineligible man downfield, and holding calls will hurt much more.

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