Ex-Mi6 agent claims his friendship with Ivanka enraged Trump to the point of revealing secrets.

Former MI6 spy Christopher Steele accuses former US President Donald Trump of actions that have reportedly harmed US operations in Russia. 

These charges are said to be the result of a covert relationship between Steele and Trump's daughter, Ivanka.

What Happened: According to the New York Times, Steele alleges Trump's public disclosure of his secret testimony resulted in threats against Russian sources, two of whom have since vanished. 

Steele maintains that Trump discovered his relationship with Ivanka through a Justice Department investigation, 

which he believes prompted Trump's punitive moves against him and his London-based business, Orbis Business Intelligence.

"From what I understand, Ms Trump did not disclose our relationship to her father, and his discovery of it through the [Department of Justice] review severely harmed their relationship.

According to the report, Steele stated, 

"I infer that [Trump's] discovery of my friendship with his daughter deepened his animus towards me and is one of the reasons for his vindictive and vexatious behavior towards me and Orbis."

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