Surprised: Kelce might initially be taken aback by the unexpected and unique Halloween costume idea.

 With Halloween approaching, many couples are considering dressing up as Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, inspired by their romance.

The reported relationship between Swift and Kelce is gaining attention, and fans are looking to celebrate it on Halloween.

The couple has combined their fan bases, with Swift fans showing interest in football and Kelce's fans getting exposed to more Swift content.

Fanatics reported a 400% spike in Kelce's jersey sales early in their relationship.

Thousands of couples are expected to dress up as Kelce and Swift for Halloween.

 Kelce offered advice for those wanting to dress up as him: "The mustache and the No. 87 jersey was pretty iconic."

 He also suggested bringing a bracelet, referencing a friendship bracelet he tried to give Swift.

 Kelce had a mustache during the start of his relationship with Swift.

Kelce and Swift recently appeared on "Saturday Night Live" together.

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