Following their devastating elimination from the NLCS, the Phillies felt "sick."

In Philadelphia Once more, Bryce Harper shook his head. He found it hard to believe. 

He was in shock at what had transpired at Citizens Bank Park on Tuesday night in regards to the Phillies.  

After an astonishing 4-2 loss to Arizona in Game 7 of the National League Championship Series,  

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not only did he hurt, but everyone in their clubhouse hurt.  

A club that a week ago appeared certain to make it back to the World Series instead comforted one another by giving one other embraces and back pats. They then bid each other farewell. 

The Phillies thought they ought to have been popping champagne and playing "Dancing On My Own" to mark their entry back into the Fall Classic.  

Instead, Rhys Hoskins circled the clubhouse, possibly for the last time hugging his teammates. 

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