Gavin Rossdale was left in a "spectacular way" by a "great person."

Gavin Rossdale has started dating again.The Bush frontman discussed his romantic history,

While appearing on Not So Hollywood with Adrianna Costa on Thursday. 

He also revealed that he has recently been single.The 57-year-old Rossdale responded, 

"It's a give and take but I definitely have my share of it," when asked if he's had his heart broken or if he causes the heartbreaking.

"I most certainly did not avoid that arrow. It occurs. Although she left me spectacularly, 

I did have a great time with her, and that was unfortunate," he said. 

Then it really influenced my music, and I now live a very perverted life where I can profit from my suffering. 

"It's very Larry David of me, but it's like I said last night," the "Comedown" singer continued. 

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